Having friends, relatives and family in distant countries may be difficult, but there are still ways to get in touch and have a chat. If you are not a fan of new technology and prefer the old phone in your hand, when you are talking with someone we have some great news for you. Have you heard of Majicjack or Ooma for that matter? If you haven’t here are some tips on how to make use of them and get in touch with your friends and family.


MajicJack is basically a device that you can plug into your USB or modem directly and attack the cable extension of your phone to have unlimited phone calls to Canada and U.S. So if you haven’t found a way to contact you relatives without paying expensive bills for cross-country phone calls you can rely on MajicJack for unlimited number of phone calls that are completely free. The way it works is that it basically attaches on your internet connection and find free channels for the country you are trying to call. This way you are having a phone call to another country without paying the bill for it, and we all know how expensive those bills can be.


Meet Ooma

You might be wondering what Ooma is and why everyone, including your neighbors, is talking about it. Ooma is a telecommunication company that provides its services to U.S and Canada. It differs from other companies of this sort in several ways. The first one is that it requires a payment in advance so you won’t have to worry about phone bills at the end of the month. It has a fixed amount of free minutes within the U.S. and Canada that you can use trough out the month.