If you are thinking of a way to stay in touch with your friends and relatives in country, and you are not a fan of modern technology, you can stop thinking because we have a way. Paying phone call bills for over the country calls can add to your expenses. This way you will decrease those expenses and still have enough for the month. Here are some ways to keep in touch with your friends without paying those expensive phone bills.


Voip Technology

If you never heard about Voip before let’s clear out some things about this telecommunication method. Basically what voip is, is another way to pay less and get more minutes on your distant countries phone calls. The Voip stands for voice over IP, and you can figure out from there what it’s about. You probably have internet connection, so why not use it to ease the expenses of your phone bills. Simply attach any voip device to your modem and start your calling sessions with distant relatives and friends. It makes over the country phone calls by mounting on secure connections for that county that you are trying to contact. So without over-expensive phone calls you can stay in touch with those friends that you forgot due to lack of communication.


MajicJack is another device that enables its users to mount on modem and internet connection and make long and distant countries phone calls without paying any bills for it. The way it works is that it finds a secure internet channel and connects to that countries phone line. This way you are not paying any expenses for over the country phone calls and you stay in touch with your friends and family in distant countries. So try it out and find why millions are using it.