Your Internet service is good for much more than browsing the web and watching movies. You can also use it to make free Internet calls anywhere in the United States or Canada. These calls have crystal clear sound quality and you can use your computer or your phone to make calls. All you need is a device that you hook to your Internet connection and you are set.

The devices are cheap. Some of the most popular voice over internet phone service providers are MagicJack, Ooma and Vonage. You want to stick with a brand that is tested and true and these companies offer some of the best devices on the market. Once you have chosen your device, you are going to need to connect it to your Internet. This is easy and fast to do and you can often have your device set up in ten or 15 minutes. The instructions are easy to follow and once you have the device set up you can start using it.

Making Free Internet Phone Calls is a Lot Easier Than It Sounds

When your device is set up you will want to connect it to your computer and set up your account. One of the best things about using these devices is that they truly allow you to make free Internet calls. You don’t have to deal with monthly bills anymore and the calls are really free. You will save a ton of money and you will never have to pay a monthly bill again. Just one low yearly fee for taxes and regulatory charges and you will be on your way to enjoying truly free calling.

One entire year of service is much less than what you would pay for just one month of service and you are going to get quality calls that are in HD quality. The call quality is excellent and you can even use a mobile app that allows you to take your service on the go. There are no monthly bills to deal with and you can save hundreds of dollars a year when you use these services.

You can keep your same phone number and you get many of the features that you have with your phone like voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. Switching over to an Internet phone allows you to truly cut the cord and be free. You don’t have to worry about constant price increases and dealing with companies that are trying to get every last dime from you. Using Internet calling is a way to save money and enjoy top quality calls. For a small investment, you get to take advantage of unlimited free calls that sound just as good or better than the ones you were used to making.

Don’t spend more money than you need to on your phone service. Make the switch to free Internet calling and change the way you feel and use your phone. Free yourself from the phone companies and get the top quality calling features that you deserve. It couldn’t be easier and you will save big. You can read on to learn more about making free phone calls on the internet here.