If you are wondering how you can do free voice calling online, you should know that there are several platforms that you can use right now to do just that. In this article, we are going to walk you through some of them.

If you need a voice calling service that is as reliable as a regular phone, you should use VoIP services like Ooma and Vonage. Both services make use of VoIP or Voice Internet Protocol. They do not rely on a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, you just plug a VoIP phone to the main Internet connection, not the WiFi adaptor. Read on to learn more about different Voip home phone service providers.

What’s the Catch of Making Free Online Calls?

The good thing about this type of service is that the calls are reliable and the quality is HD. This is very important, especially for businesses. There is, however, one catch. VoIP services are not totally free. There is a monthly subscription fee that needs to be paid. Also, you can only do 100% free calls to subscribers of the same service. So, if you are an Ooma subscriber, you can only do free voice calling online with other Ooma subscribers. If you need to call a regular landline or a subscriber of another service, you need to pay. However, this isn’t something to be worried about because the rates are really, really cheap.
If you are a small business that needs a phone system of ten phones, you should definitely consider subscribing to a business plan.

Other than VoIP services, you have other alternatives. There are websites and smartphone apps, both of which rely on a WiFi connection. For website-based voice calls, you have Facebook and its call feature. For apps, you have Skype and Viber, among others. Unlike VoIP, apps have a chat feature. But just like Voice-over Internet Protocol, you can only make 100% free calls to other users of the same service. However, you can call landlines and mobile phone through their call-out feature.

web calling to mobile for freeThere Are Many Ways to Make Free Voice Calls Online

As you can see, there are many ways out there for you to get access to free calls. Which one should you use? Well, that really depends on your needs. If you a need reliable service that is of high-definition quality, you should subscribe to VoIP. Sure, you will be paying a monthly subscription, however, you get what you pay for.

With Skype, Viber and Facebook, you are totally dependent on the WiFi connection, which can be a problem if you live in a country with a very slow internet speed. But still, at least you don’t pay any subscription cost and you only need to pay up when you call a landline or a mobile phone number.

So if you are only keeping in touch with family and friends and there is no real emergency involved, you should use these free services. The good thing about them is that you can make video calls without any additional charge. This definitely makes calls more intimate than if they were pure voice calls, making your closer.